We mainly sourced our marine products through our network of local fishermen. We provide Whole Round Fishes, as well as Steak, Fillet, Boneless fishes or Boiled and Diced for Cephalopod products.

The products will be preserved through Air Blast Freezing, and stored in our cold storage. MORE

Our collection of frozen food items, developed since the inception of our culinary endeavour. We started with marine-based frozen food, and later, we expanded to contemporary frozen food (such as Shoestring potato and Sausages). MORE

Don’t have time to cook something decent? Or still awkward with the dusty kitchen utensils you have for so long? Worry not, our Ready-To-Cook Meal will save all the hassle and reward you with delicious and hearty meal.


Need more oomph on your dish? Or wanting something to nibble during your leisure time? You can add our Ready-To-Eat Product to enhance your eating experience, or dig in straight from the package.


Enjoy our products, such as Ikan Asin, Fish Chilly Sauce, and Fish Floss.