Brief History

PT Prima Pangan Madani or better known as MadaniFood is a Indonesian-based company in the sector of food and beverages.

At the beginning, MadaniFood's business scope is to coach with a number of Indonesian SMEs in developing potential and competitive products in traditional markets. MadaniFood has been engaging the business to market and selling of processed fish and shrimp products in 2012.  MadaniFood has been developing its own frozen and processed fish products using the Enjoy Seafood brand, and has been becoming one of the suppliers of processed frozen food products which supplies to the nation's leading supermarket chains in 2015.

In 2015, MadaniFood began expanding the business to market  the popular non-fish frozen foods, such as Sausage Bratwurst, Chicken Sausage, and Frozen Shoestring Potatoes. Also, we later has been developing and distributing powdered fruit beverage products with the brand Bondrink to Africa, and exporting frozen fish to East Asia.

MadaniFood Head Office and development facility is located in Pancoran, South Jakarta. While fish collection facilities are located on Simeulue Island, Aceh; and frozen fish production facility located in Pontang, Serang, Banten.

Currently MadaniFood Head Office has 30 permanent staff, equipped with Frozen Warehouse with capacity of 10 tons, 4 units of Chill Refrigerator Van Truck, 2 Operational Car units, and 4 units of Operational Motorcycles.